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space planning

Our experienced design team is here to help you with every detail so you don’t have to become the project manager of your company’s new office. We’ll customize and design a space plan for your new or existing office for free. Moving to a new location? Want more room for a collaborative environment? We are here to help you.

We can also rearrange your existing office furniture and workstations by taking them apart and rebuilding them in a preferred location suited to your needs.

glass walls

We’ll help businesses complete projects on time and on budget with a system that is developed for architecture and interior design spaces, creating environments and customized places for each project. Floor to ceiling demountable walls and frameless glass walls. The best solution for your office wall requirements at the best price on the market.

  • demountable walls
  • frosted vinyl
  • office partitions
  • free standing dividers
  • transaction wall
  • frameless glass walls
  • cubicles and tabletops
  • fixed windows
  • hinged and barn doors

reupholster and restoration

Transform your old furniture into a completely new look. Choose from designer fabrics in various colors and materials. Call us to request a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

green credits

Moving locations? Do you have to get rid of office furniture? We will assess the value of your pre-owned furniture and give you credits for it which you can spend on purchases with us. You’ll be able to restock your office with our high quality refurbished items.

There are a lot of companies that would benefit from getting access to used office furniture rather than going out and buying new. This would allow them to put money back in to their business and you in yours.


With over 25 years of experience we know what goes into a successful office installation. The planning, timing and coordination must be perfect! You can trust our team at KUL Office Furniture to provide you with white-glove office furniture installation services.

Whether you’re opening a new location, expanding your existing office, or moving to a different location, we can help make the transition seamless for you. We’ll take the design, planning and installations out of your plate so you can focus on what you do best.


Moving to a different location? We can do it for you. We offer services to help you reconfigure your office space and we take care of every detail. Our KUL team will come and move your existing office furniture to your new location.