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Scott Vachon

president / founder

As a budding youth at the age of 6 years old, Vachon’s skills and experience were initially honed by selling fishing worms along the shores of Maine. Enticed by the spirit of entrepreneurship, he later went on to manage his first owned and operated promotions company, bringing forth some of the largest concerts and acts to the entire east coast. Well on his way to musical notoriety, in 2002 his world would come to an abrupt crossroads at the expectancy of his first child. Twenty-seven years of age now and needing a change of scenery; he transitioned into a more accommodating lifestyle by starting his very first office furniture business Office Liquidation with only a pick-up truck and reasonable desire to locate recycled chairs and used desks for restoration and resell, Office Liquidation under Scott Vachon’s leadership would continue on for a respectable 10 years.

After 10 years in the new and used furniture business, Vachon and company’s hard work and determination was evident as not only did his customer base begin to flourish, so also did the need for additional space increase. A seasoned entrepreneur with a keen eye for amazing business opportunities, Vachon decided to partner with his friend of over 12+ years Rodney Stallings to secure a second location in the greater Orlando, Florida area. This location respectively focused on commercial furniture, commercial furniture design, and architectural projects introducing to the public with great anticipation two separate but equal brands: Capital Office Furniture and Office Liquidation. Successfully cohabiting the business’s marketing, sales and promotions for over 15 years; in 2017 another turn of events transpired when one of the oldest and more established commercial furniture brands in the area Office Furniture Outlet , uncommonly entertained the Vachon’s offer to buy. In 2019 the company’s majority decided to add yet another behemoth size furniture company to its portfolio Orlando Office Furniture.

Rodney Stallings


Is the vice president, and has been an integral part of the strategy, and business development for Capital Office Furniture, Office Furniture Outlet , and Office Liquidation. Appointed to this role on January 1st 2010, Rodney is responsible for opening Capital Office Furniture first standalone retail store and developing operating, sales, desktop solutions, tracking and logistic systems. In addition to his role, he was also responsible for negotiating our first owner operator agreement for Capital Office Furniture with an investor that opened a successful location in Doral, FL.

Rodney credits his best accomplishments to his faith in God. In his free time he loves fishing and spending time with his family.

Cathy Smith

sales director

What I find most rewarding of what I do every day is forming lasting relationships with amazing people! Having someone trust you and your abilities to provide them with a positive work environment continues to motivate me to push through obstacles and obtain solutions

Tony Scaletta

Office Manager Controller

What inspires me the most about my job is working alongside my coworkers and seeing what the day brings

Lonnie Hawkins

director of design

I like my job because I enjoy celebrating our design solutions with our customers.

Nataly Blanco

director of marketing

I’m passionate about sharing with our audience about KUL. I truly believe that we are helping small and large businesses with our unique offer of blending new and pre-owned office furniture, facilitating a solution for everyone. Their vision and their dreams are ours too.

Dawn Blum

asst. controller

What I love about my job is, the wonderful team of people we have and the ability to help our customers achieve their goals.

Dietrich Vasquez

account executive

I love seeing my clients not only satisfied but happy with their final result, I’m also bilingual and that helps me connect with different customers.

James Woodson

asst. operations manager

I pride myself on being a driven, fair, caring and dynamic human being that provides the best possible customer service.

Will Pellecer

account executive

I’ve been with this company for over 12 years and I love creating long lasting relationships with our customers.

Shiny Vang

order admin

I enjoy being part of KUL, and a big part is because we are a team. I’ve worked in multiple departments here, and I love that there is lots of room to grow.

Anthony Daniel

project manager

I’ve been in the office furniture industry for years and I love helping our customers

Alpha Henderson

asst. operations manager

I enjoy working with our KUL team and taking projects to the finish line

Matt Lemay

project manager

My favorite part about my job is creating relationships with our customers. I love seeing their vision and dreams become reality and knowing that we were part of it

Donavon Smith

sales executive

My job is inspiring in a sense that I get to play a role towards my client’s future no matter how big or small the project is, leaving a lasting impression towards the client’s experience is why I do what I do

Briana Smith

sales manager

The most rewarding part of this job is having a genuine connection with people, beyond just being a client. With genuine connection comes trust, and once that trust is built our clients walk away knowing they made the right decision on their products

Adrian Ramirez

sales executive

My goal is to connect with as many people as I possibly can, on a daily bases. With every client that I have sold something to, their is a relationship that is established. Getting to know new people, and continuing to be there for whatever they might need in the future. That’s my KUL way!

Brianna Vachon

sales executive

I like my job because I feel valued, stimulated, and there are prospects for personal and professional growth


installation team

Jorge Acosta, Chris Maher, Tony Daniels, Alex Sturtridge, Tyler Douglas, David, Dino Willie, Carlos, Adrian Ramirez, Paul Cayward, Skip Ross